It has been rumored in the past that Selena was engaged to her boyfriend the Weekend, but now we can finally make this childish rumor a reality! As most people saw their dashing entrance together at the Met Gala, people couldn’t help but notice Selena had some new bling on her finger.

That’s right everyone, the Weeknd proposed to Selena! Just look at the size of that rock! They have been dating for quite a few months, but the Weekend finally decided to tie the knot with his girl. The gorgeous engagement ring seen on her finger during the red carpet walk was the obvious giveaway. Confirmed during her interview, she told us all about her excitement to be a newly engaged couple. Check this website for more information.

Image result for woman headshotHer interviewer Sasha Day who has previously worked with Buzzfeed and Daily Mail quotes, “So is there a story behind that new rock on your finger?” as Selena replied she stated, “I’m not sure, maybe you already know, but lets just say we are very happy together and excited to make a big announcement to you all very soon.”

Hello! If that is not the clearest sign of engagement then what is. Selena basically confirmed the rumor to us all  herself.

Sorry Justin B! But this girl is officially taken. The details have not been confirmed yet, but the big day is coming up soon! Get out your camera’s cause this wedding is gonna be extraordinary.


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