Caitlyn Jenner Turning Back into a Man

We all know that Bruce became Caitlyn less than two years ago, and some new evidence has everyone wondering if she is happy with that decision.

Caitlyn JennerThere have been new signs that she wants to get back together with Kris, which brings out the manly side in her. She has mentioned multiple times that Bruce is still inside her, which has us thinking, will he ever fully leave her.

More evidence in her newly released autobiography, The Secrets of My Life,  proves that although her and Kris’ marriage had quite a few ups and downs, they both loved each other and recognized they had issues, but were willing to work them out.

Caitlyn did seem very happy about fulfilling her true identity at first, but now she is starting to be less dedicated to lavish outfits and is going for plain and simple. She is missing the man inside of her.

Although she was never really happ
y being a man, genderqueer people exist. This means she doesn’t feel fully man or woman and can switch back and forth depending on her mood that day.


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