One of our favorite young internet creators, Cameron Dallas, has been arrested for his risky encouImage result for cameron dallas arrestnters with drugs.

Has the success of Cameron Dallas gone to his head? Is this stardom too much for him? Has he resulted to drugs for stress relief?

Teen internet sensation, Cameron Dallas, is known for making people laugh off his popular internet videos. Since the major growth of his fan base he has been having a huge amount of success only as a 22 year old young male.

He has done amazing things like modeling for American Eagle and Dolce Gabbana, Filming his own show on Netflix, and even being the spokesperson for acne medicine XOUT has lead to huge recognition and also major stress.

Cameron Dallas was recently arrested for possession and use of drugs with other friends and creators, Kian Lawley and Justin Caylen. The were filming a video called “paint twister”, and were soon seen being taken out of their building in handcuffs. The police so called got calls of major noise complaints, and came by to soon Image result for cameron dallas arrestfind the young adults smoking illegal substances.  check this link for more information.

As seen in his Netflix show “Chasing Cameron” we are shown the major aImage result for chasing cameronmount of stress and anxiety he endures. The fame he has is a blessing and a curse in his eyes, and his decision to experiment with drugs was a way to ease the worry and stress.

All we know is he is out on bail, and will most likely be going to trial soon to face his punishment. I guess through this story we can all see the “star” life isn’t always so magical.


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